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Oct 29 2013

Junior Scientist Groups Selected! Local NRW Government, Universities and Clinics Invest up to 3.75 m €

With the selection of three additional junior scientist groups in the area of stem cell research, NRW is confirming its long-term financial support of this science.  In a multi-stage selection process, three young scientists were selected who were officially verified as not yet having led their own working group. All three will each receive a funding amount of up to 1.25 m € for the next five years. The jurors, including Charles ffrench-Constant from the Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh and Michael Brand from the Center for Regenerative Therapies in Dresden, were very impressed with the qualifications of the candidates. 

The following candidates were selected for funding and will begin shortly setting up their working groups in Bonn, Düsseldorf and Cologne. 

Dr. Leo Kurian (San Diego for Cologne) with the project “Unraveling functional long non-coding RNAs choreographing human cardiovascular development and regeneration”

Dr. Julia Ladewig  (Bonn) with the project “A pluripotent stem cell based model for congenital cortical malformations”

Dr. Natalia Tapia (Münster for Düsseldorf) with the project “Dissecting the molecular mechanisms that regulate human stermatogonial stem cell fate decisions”

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