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Stories about scientific success in stem cell research is in the media nearly every day. That is why patients, especially those with so far uncurable diseases, hope fo a stem cell based treatment or therapy.
But very few illnesses can be cured so far with approved stem cell based procedures. Which diseases can be treated and what questions you should ask, you may look up in the patient handbook of one of our co-operation partners.


Media Coverage

Diverse clinics around the world provide unproven therapies with stem cells. Please read and watch the following articles:

Positions Statements

Different institutions have published an expert opinion about the status quo of stem cell based medicine and the classification of so called "unproven therapies".

Ergänzende Informationen

Meeting Report On:

"Assuring the Quality and Safety of Unregulated Clinical Offerings"


Latest Patient Advisory

The California Stem Cell Agency (CIRM) released a statement on stem cell therapies and medical tourism. link

The European Medicines Agency and the ISSCR Emphasize the Importance of Regulatory Oversight

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Nature investigation reveals that businesses around the country are still charging patients thousands of dollars for unproven therapies.


FDA Warns About Stem Cell Claims

The FDA provides information for patients concernig stem cell based therapies.

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